Friday, July 31, 2015

Google Algorithm Gets Divorced and Hairy

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Recently, Google has reported making changes to its algorithm for search to include "penalties for bad reviews" and "reduced EMD (Exact Match Domains) rank value. However, some oddities have appeared as a result.

A great example is a recent search for Divorce. The top result has been for about a year Wikipedia's page on Divorce, which has thousands of back-links and boasts traffic of 3k visitors daily. Starting Dec 5th, this top search result was replaced by a page much less referenced, D.I.V.O.R.C.E. the song. And not the beautiful one by Dolly Parton or the original by Tammy Wynette, but a farce by Billy Connoly. Total inbound links? I have more toes.

Well maybe it's a dang fluke. After all, these algo-thingies are rough stuff. Okay, so how does the chart below representing the volume between Hair searches make you feel?

Hair, the human follicle, at Wikipedia Hair, the human folly, in your living room
Stats courtesy of grokse

Notice how on December 6th, 2010, the article for Hair, the biomaterial with thousands of backlinks, dropped from 3k hits to 1k hits, and taking its place was Hair the Musical, with only 100 backlinks.

These are only the anomalies which I have encountered in search. I am sure there must be many more. When will we hear from the big SEO companies about this?

While you may find this information inconclusive its timing seems spot on. Something in the algorithm has changed the nature of basic search to a large detriment.


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