Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Google permits geo-target of .ME Domains

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As recently posted on Namepros, Google is now allowing .ME domain holders to geo-target like any standard TLD, as opposed to treating like a cctld. Prior to this change, holders of ME domains were unable to switch their geo-target from "Montenegro," the country which applied for and won the cctld several years ago.

This is huge new for Geo Domain Holders. You can see the geotargeting for Nothing.ME in the attached panel.

Google permits geo-lcoation targeting for ME DOmains

There was a period of time when .ME buyers backed out last year, realizing that this exceptional cc was being treated like a CC, which is the last thing anyone wanted. However, since the .ME explosion resulted in such a large registration of names in a short period of time, as well as large blockbuster deals and launches, some pressure must have been felt at Google to at least let geo-targeting occur.

Perhaps we'll see a rise in .ME auctions over the next coming 6-12 month period.


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